Want Big Arms, Fast?

The Arms Blast Workout

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“If I could show you how others have added up to an inch on their arms in 7-10 days, would you be interested?” ~ Mark McManus


Let me tell you how this unique training protocol came about.

It’s based on an inspirational insight I had from the man below…

Arthur Jones!

He made this startling claim decades ago in an issue of IronMan magazine

“From only one workout, I’ll put half an inch of permanent muscle size on each of your upper arms!”

That lit a FIRE under me to find out what in the hell he was talking about! But I wanted more….I wanted a full inch!

Arthur Jones – Creator of Nautilus training equipment.
Arthur Jones was the creator of High Intensity Training (HIT) and mentor to Mike Menter.

By the way, he wasn’t making this bold claim to beginners…but to advanced bodybuilders who were desperate to gain any new size on their arms.

He was so confident of his claim that he made the following guarantee…


“If you don’t put half an inch of solid muscle on your arms, I’ll pay your expenses to and from Florida.”

(Please note that the Arms Blast is not Jones’ workout. I never obtained the details of what he did with those bodybuilders. But I have studied all his techniques of High Intensity Training and those of his protégé Mike Mentzer. These guys got it that intensity is the key to stimulating growth. And…I formulated techniques that allow you to train above and beyond 100% intensity of effort…and above and beyond anything that your muscles have ever experienced before. Details to follow)

(Payment is through Paypal, but you DON’T need a Paypal account to complete this purchase. If you don’t have Paypal, after checking out, look for the ‘checkout as guest’ or ‘pay with debit/credit card’ option at the bottom. The price is listed in dollars, but it will simply convert to your own currency).

If You Want Bigger Arms In a Ridiculously Short Period of Time…


Then you’ve come to the right place!

Based on the results of an online experiment I conducted, you could gain almost an inch in the next 7-10 days with this exciting, new, and totally UNIQUE arm workout protocol.

If you are serious about getting bigger arms, and you don’t want to wait years, this is the program for you.

Here’s some excerpts from the book to give you an idea of what it’s all about…

“You see how awesome this is!? Every muscle fiber in your biceps/triceps will be recruited for the WHOLE set, not just part of the set as with regular reps.

Furthermore, all muscle fibers are being forced to contract against a MUCH heavier load than what they are used to.

The amount of overload and growth stimulation generated here will be like nothing your body has ever experienced.

Yes this workout has just taken you to a whole new level of pain, but take heart, bigger arms are now only a few days away!”


PLUS! The new Arms Blast 2 comes with a downloadable video demonstration of each section of the program. You won’t be left in any doubt as to EXACTLY what you need to do. All this for $29.99 (this comes at no extra cost to the original program).

No special foods or supplements are required for this program. It is a  totally UNIQUE arm training protocol. This is REAL, PERMANENT muscle growth! Not a pump or swell.

What People Are Saying About The Arms Blast!

(Except complaining about having very sore arms ? )


After I developed the intense experimental workout, I recruited “lab rats” to test it out.

Here are just 3 pieces of feedback I’ve received via social media (more at bottom of page)


“Hyper-Intensity” = The Newbie Gains Experience All Over Again

Please read this…


This unique training package is all about a MASSIVE jump in intensity – beyond what you’ve ever experienced.

I don’t just mean 100% intensity – I mean well above 100% – I call it…




Here’s what I mean…


Before you ever started training, what sort of intensity of effort was your body exposed to? Well your daily activities probably never caused you to work any muscle beyond 20% – 30% intensity of effort. And of course, since there was no reason for your body to change, your muscle mass levels remained the same (or even atrophied).

So you started training. Let’s say you used a rep range of 8-12 reps per set. That translates into about 85% of your 1-rep max.


So what happened when you went from 30% to 85%? BANG! – The “Newbie Gains” phenomenon.


The drastic change in intensity that your muscles were exposed to forced your body to adapt. How? By building more muscle mass fast.


Got it so far? Now let me ask you this…


What if you could create a workout that actually caused you to work above 100%? I’m talking levels of ~130% of your 1 rep max?

Well again…your body will be forced to adapt to this massive change in intensity. How? By building more muscle mass.


Training above 100% is what I am calling “HYPER-INTENSE” training.


And if you’re sitting there scratching your head – YES it is possible to train at levels beyond 100%. This is all explained in the Arms Blast booklet.

This is a short, to-the-point booklet. At just 20 pages long, there’s absolutely no fluff and you’ll discover all you need to know in about an hour or so! There is nothing else like this on the market!

Mark McManus
Hey, I’m Mark McManus ? I’m CEO of MuscleHack and a trainer to thousands around the world.

And that is a pic of my all-natural arms. Big, defined, and not an ounce of fat!

I usually run an Arms Blast once in every 10-week training cycle (but you can do it up to 3 times in every 10-wk period).

I actually have less-than-average genetics for building muscle. The only difference is that many years ago I studied the greats like Arthur Jones, Mike Mentzer, Ellington Darden and more to understand the rock-solid laws of intensity when it comes to stimulating muscle tissue to grow….then I took it to the next level: HYPER-INTENSITY.

Hyper-intensity is training above and beyond 100%. Above and beyond your 1 rep max. Yes it’s possible.

Muscle growth is simply an increase in the diameter/thickness of individual muscle fibers.

Going to 100% triggers this expansion. So imagine what training above 100% can do! Well…you’re about to find out!

(Payment is through Paypal, but you DON’T need a Paypal account to complete this purchase. If you don’t have Paypal, after checking out, look for the ‘checkout as guest’ or ‘pay with debit/credit card’ option at the bottom. The price is listed in dollars, but it will simply convert to your own currency).


Naturally Skinny “Hardgainer” Finally Adds Size To His Arms – A Whopping 1.5 inches!

Matthew McCray in Atlanta, Georgia GAINED 1.5 INCHES.

“Hey Mark! Just wanted to say great job on the Arms Blast. I’ll admit…I was pretty skeptical about the whole 1 inch in a week. Anyways, here are my measurements for the seven days.

  • Monday: Right: 12 inches Left: 11.5 inches
  • Tuesday: Right:12.25 inches Left: 11.75 inches
  • Wednesday: Right:12.65 inches Left: 12.25 inches
  • Thursday: Right: 13 inches Left: 12.5 inches
  • Friday: Right: 13 inches Left: 12.65 inches
  • Saturday: Right: 13.25 inches Left: 12.75 inches
  • Sunday: Right: 13.5 inches Left: 12.75 inches

As you can see I was (and still am) pretty skinny but these were great results! Definitely more than I expected and should give hope to us skinny guys out there! Writing this two weeks after the workout my right arm is 13.65in and my left is 13in, so these are definitely permanent gains (not just a pump) and ALL muscle as my arms have never been this hard in my life.”

Greg Magisana, Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia. GAINED 2CMs or 0.8 INCHES.


“Hello Mark. I have finished the Blast Arms Routine and I am happy to say that it has worked for myself. My arm measurements were as follows…

Before the ‘Arms Blast’ they were 34cm relaxed and 36cm flexed. It didn’t change at all until the 4th day afterwards when they seem to have grown overnight. Now the final measurement is 35cm relaxed and a huge difference flexed come to 38cm.

Mark in Cheltenham, UK. GAINED 1/2 INCH.


“Hi Mark. My measurements:

  • 1 day before workout L = 12.5″, R = 13″.
  • 1 day after workout L = 12.5″, R = 13.5″
  • Sat measurement L = 13″, R = 13.5″ (peak growth 5 days after the Tuesday workout)
  • Last measurement L = 13″, R = 13.5″

So I have gained 1/2 inch on both arms.”